5 Things You Need to Know

iHeartRadio's 5 Things You Need To Know

WATCH: Special Guests Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith + more 'Shake It Off!'

5. Here's what happens when you interview stars on the VMA's Red Carpet using ONLY Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' lyrics! 

4. Just when you thought having a pet lamb wasn't funny already...this happened:

3. What do you need to know about Shawn Mendes? He's music's latest heartthrob. So, naturally, we asked him to deliver some hilarious pickup lines...and the kid's got SWAG.

2. Will laughing at belligerent people dancing awkwardly ever get old? NOPE.

1. Usher's latest music video for 'She Came to Give It to You' featuring Nicki Minaj is HOT. Actually, it kind of reminds us of the King of Pop! Watch and see if you get an MJ-vibe:


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